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There are two main types of state tax debt, personal and corporate, each presenting its own set of challenges and potential solutions. Low Cost Tax Relief provides state tax resolution services to help individuals and businesses tackle state tax debt. State tax collection authorities can act aggressively and cause financial hardship if not addressed promptly, making it important to seek professional help.

Personal state tax debt may involve missing or unfiled tax returns, income taxes, 1099 form issues, wage garnishment, tax levies, and tax lien issues. For businesses, state tax debt may arise from withholding taxes, missing or unfiled tax returns, bank levies, accounts receivable levies, unemployment taxes, workers compensation, franchise taxes, liquor licenses and taxes, and conflicts with an IRS officer.

Several options for resolving state tax debt include installment agreements, offer in compromise, and currently not collectible status, depending on your financial situation. For businesses, options such as corporate shut down or corporate formation may offer the best relief.

Low Cost Tax Relief offers professional help for state tax relief, with experts who have represented many clients with state tax issues. They understand that each state is different when it comes to tax debt and provide a free consultation to help you determine the best approach to resolving your state tax debt.

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