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The IRS is not perfect and makes mistakes, but there are legitimate ways to appeal and remove a tax lien. Low cost tax relief can help you deal with the IRS and provide assistance with filing an appeal or requesting a lien withdrawal. The IRS can withdraw a lien under certain conditions such as the tax debt being paid in full, the lien being filed in error, the taxpayer is going through bankruptcy, or the statute of limitations of 10 years on collecting the tax debt has passed.


The taxpayer can request a Collection Due Process hearing with the Office of Appeals within 30 days after the fifth day of the lien being filed or by the date indicated on the notice. To complete an official withdrawal of a lien, the taxpayer must make a formal request to the IRS using IRS Form 12277.


If the taxpayer qualifies for the Fresh Start Initiative and the balance is below $25,000, the lien can be released. A lien that has been released means that it is no longer attached to the taxpayer's property and assets, but it will remain on their credit report for up to ten years after the debt has been paid. Lien subordination is another common term in lien removal that allows another creditor to "subordinate" the IRS' interest in a property and move ahead of the line. To avoid a property tax lien, it is important to pay taxes in full and on time and not ignore or misplace any notices or letters the IRS sends.

  • DO keep track of your tax status and payments throughout the year.

  • DO contact the IRS immediately if you cannot pay your taxes on time.

  • DO consider payment plans or other tax resolution options if you cannot pay your taxes in full.

  • DO seek professional help from a tax expert or accountant if you are unsure how to handle your tax situation.

By taking these proactive steps, you can reduce the likelihood of having a tax lien filed against you and protect your credit score and financial reputation. Remember, dealing with the IRS can be intimidating and overwhelming, but there are resources and options available to help you navigate the process and achieve a favorable outcome.

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